Alumat - magnetic door seal - new - silver - alumnium

- high-quality
- draft excluder
- barrier-free

- from approx. 3 mm floor covering
- Tensile force between upper and lower magnet profile max. 5 mm
- Dimensions: 1000mmx45mmx8mm
- other lengths available on request

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The magnetic door seal from DIP-Tools is a durable quality product. It not only saves energy, but also money, because it offers ideal protection against heat and energy loss. As a door seal for room and/or front doors, it not only stops drafts, but also offers reliable protection against annoying dust, insects, rain, moisture, odors, noise and much more. The draft stopper offers protection against drafts and vermin, our door seal also reduces noise according to DIN 52210 up to Rw 38 dB and is smoke-tight according to DIN 18095. Last but not least, the magnetic door seal scores with its easy installation. You don't have to adjust anything on the magnetic door seal yourself, the powerful magnet of the door seal independently bridges a door gap of up to 11mm. Many years of use of the bottom door seal thanks to non-wearing magnets.

Technical characteristics of the magnetic door seal

  • Material: aluminum
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 1000mm x 45mm x 8mm
  • Color: silver anodized
  • Gasket: magnetic
Instructions for the optimal installation of the magnetic door seal
  1. Always place Alumat magnetic door seals on a solid surface.
  2. Cut the bottom rail to fit.
  3. Seal the bottom rail and screw with dowels or fasten with construction adhesive.
  4. The lower magnetic profile and the upper magnetic strip are provided with opposite magnetic poles on the long side, which attract each other in a straight line. Therefore, always insert both magnetic profiles one above the other (thin magnetic profile at the top) in the floor rail and remove the protective film from the double-sided adhesive tape. Slide a metal spatula or similar between the two magnetic rails, now close the door, press the object pushed between them up against the smooth, cleaned bottom edge of the door and pull back and forth several times.
  5. Unhook the door, press the thin magnetic profile firmly on the bottom edge of the door (in the case of wooden doors, also fasten the magnetic tape to the bottom edge of the door with small nails at a distance of approx. 15-20 cm), cut off the magnetic strip that protrudes in the door rebate. Never mount the magnet profiles separately from each other! Alternatively, the magnetic profile can be pressed on with a spatula without the door hanging off.
  6. Note: Some of the Alumat floor profiles are equipped with predetermined breaking notches so that the tabs can be adjusted to the respective floor conditions by twisting or knocking down.

You can find replacement magnets here .