Premium universal seal - new - 1.2kg

- ready-to-use product
- Solvent-free
- Temperature resistant from -40°C to +90°C
- Excellent adhesion to many substrates, such as concrete, wood, ceramics, metal and many more, even without an undercoat (primer)
- Adhesion even on old and damp surfaces
- good gap bridging
- Excellent resistance to chemical attack
- Good UV and weather resistance
Universal seal for a wide variety of areas such as roof, wall, wet cells. In the automotive sector as a supplement to underbody protection and as a brushable seam seal.

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DIP-Tools Premium universal seal is suitable for a wide variety of areas, e.g. B. roof, wall, wet cells suitable. In the automotive sector as a supplement to underbody protection and as a brushable seam seal. The creation of watertightness for skylights, skylights, eaves, pipe junctions, wall connections, chimney connections outside, outside ventilation etc. The sealing of balconies and terraces under tiles and
Coverings and against moisture in cracks and fractures in masonry is possible without any problems. It is suitable for substrates such as B. Styrofoam, plastics, concrete, wood, stone, metal, sanded roofing felt. It achieves crack bridging of at least 10 mm, is UV resistant and not sensitive to spray and rain water (even during curing).

    Instructions for optimal use of the universal seal

    The surfaces must be solid, load-bearing and free from contaminants (dust, oil, dirt, etc.). Thoroughly remove any residue from previous coatings. DIP-Tools Premium universal seal has excellent adhesion to many building materials such as concrete, glass, screed, ceramics, tiles, wood and various metals such as aluminium, steel, zinc and copper.

    No discoloration in the metals, even unpainted. Bitumen can cause discoloration. Please always carry out preliminary tests! DIP-Tools Premium universal sealing can also be used without a primer on damp surfaces, but not in standing water.

    DIP-Tools Premium universal sealing can be used directly from the container, only prior stirring is required. It can be applied with a roller or brush/broad brush in a thickness of 2 layers of 1 mm each. After drying, a layer thickness of approx. 2 mm should have been achieved. Apply the second layer only after the first layer has completely dried (approx. 3 hours at 23°C and 50% relative humidity).

    After 12 hours (at 23°C and 50% relative humidity) the treated area is completely dry and subsequent activities can be started. Temperature fluctuations and/or changes in humidity can lead to delayed curing. Consumption approx. 1.4 - 2.0 kg/m². Connection and expansion joints must be prepared accordingly in order to achieve optimal results. Professional backing material is essential here (e.g. polyethylene foamed into strands). For optimal elasticity of the sealant over the joints, assume a 2:1 or max. 1:1 width/depth ratio of the joint (minimum joint width 6 mm, maximum 20 mm).