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About DIP tools

Hello, I'm Max and I'm the founder of DIP-Tools, your brand for high quality products. I would like to tell you more about DIP-Tools, the story and the mission behind my company.

It started with gluing

After years of experience and countless bondings of the most diverse materials, I now want to support you in successfully solving your problem quickly. We are talking about the situation of not having a suitable or working adhesive for the right application at hand. I encountered many small and large problems. Often you only need an adhesive for a very special application, then you find what seems to be the right product, only to find out during the application that the adhesive does not work as described.

Sometimes only a small drop is needed, but the only commercially available bottles are huge, and after the first application they dry up and become unusable. However, the adhesive almost always contains toxic and harmful substances that nobody really wants to get close to. Hours of internet research and hundreds of products later, I thought to myself: "It can't be that difficult!".

Necessity made a virtue

Faced with a mountain of small and large problems when looking for an adhesive, I quickly turned necessity into a virtue and founded DIP-Tools. With DIP tools, I have made it my mission to solve all these problems. Even amateurs and beginners should always have the right adhesive for the respective application available.

This is also reflected in the product portfolio, in which you will only find personally tested and used adhesives and practical accessories at an extremely fair price. Because I want to help our customers to do their job as well and successfully as possible. This is also the reason why countless private customers and well-known companies already trust in the quality and adhesive power of DIP tools.

Customer satisfaction comes first

In addition to product quality, the top priority is customer satisfaction. That's why at DIP-Tools, customers come first and first-class service is a given. This is expressed, for example, by the promise of satisfaction down to the last drop or by free product samples for large orders.

DIP-Tools wants to turn every beginner into a professional. All of this, of course, with completely harmless products for you and the environment. DIP-Tools supports you with know-how, practical adhesive instructions, complete product information and reliable safety instructions. You can rely on DIP tools.