Alumat stainless transition profile made of aluminum with silicone seal - new - silver - aluminum

- high-quality
- draft excluder
- with silicone seal

- Renovation track
- for old building threshold covers
- for renovation frames
- for front doors, apartment entrance doors and interior doors
- Dimensions: 1000mmx45mmx45mm
- other lengths available on request

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The universal aluminum door sill from DIP-Tools is a durable quality product due to the low-odour, pollutant-free and rust-free material. It not only saves energy, but also money, because it offers ideal protection against heat and energy loss. As a door seal for room and/or front doors, it not only stops drafts, but also offers reliable protection against annoying dust, insects, rain, moisture, odors, noise and much more. The rust-free universal aluminum door sill is also a true all-rounder and, with the highly elastic silicone hose seal, fits on the one hand for every door. On the other hand, the product can also be used as a weather-resistant threshold or weatherboard to allow rain to drain off external doors and to protect sensitive materials such as wood. Last but not least, the self-adhesive universal aluminum door sill scores points with its incredibly easy installation. Simply adjust the door sill to the desired size and glue or screw it tight. With the DIP-Tools assembly adhesive it also works on difficult surfaces.

Technical characteristics of the universal alu threshold

  • Type: ARB
  • Area of application: interior and exterior doors
  • Material: aluminum
  • Gasket: silicone
  • Dimension: 45*45mm
  • silver

Instructions for the optimal installation of the door sill

  1. Shorten the door sill to the desired length
  2. If you want to glue the door sill, the surface must be freed from dirt, dust, oil and grease. If you want to screw the product, you can skip this step
  3. Glue or screw the door sill

Tip: If you want to glue the door sill to difficult surfaces, we recommend using DIP-Tools universal assembly adhesive .

We would be happy to make you an offer for other lengths. Please contact us.