ALUMAT Stable self-adhesive transition profile - new - silver - aluminium

- high-quality
- sturdy
- easy assembly

- Dimensions: 1000mmx40mmx3mm
- other lengths available on request

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Extensive support

The Alumat flat threshold is used to bridge different floor coverings at the same height. It consists of aluminum and is coated with a colored powder in a special baking process.

The high-quality self-adhesive strip enables secure attachment without screws or dowels.

Technical characteristics of the flat sleeper

  • Material: aluminum
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): 1000mm x 40mm x 3mm
  • Color silver anodized

Instructions for optimal installation of the flat sleeper

1. Cut the aluminum rail to the frame clearance.

2. Apply assembly adhesive to the inside of the horizontal and vertical legs. Immediate adhesion and walkability is achieved if hot glue is additionally applied in dots.