ALUMAT Self-adhesive three-sided door seal - new - white - PVC - 5x1.05m

- visually appealing
- durable
- easy assembly

- for old and new buildings
- Dimensions: 28x8mm, 2100mm long
- Colours: white, brown (on request), beige (on request)

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The Alumat plastic cover strip ARD is used for three-sided, all-round sealing of doors in old and new buildings.
It is attached to the door frame using durable double-sided adhesive tape.

Technical characteristics of the door seal

  • Type: ARD
  • Material: PVC, silicone
  • Dimensions (lxwxh): PVC strip: 5x 1050mm x 28mm x 8mm, silicone seal: 1 x 5250m
  • color white
  • Gasket silicone

Instructions for optimal installation of the door seal

1. Cut approx. 2 cm long pieces from the leftover sections.

2. Close the door and clamp (do not glue yet) the vertical cover strips so that the silicone seal acts on the closed door with slight pressure.

3. Glue the approx. 2 cm long cover strip sections to the frame. (Normally 3-4 pieces are sufficient on each side of the frame.)

4. Then open the door and remove the cover strips. Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape and stick the frame strips to the upright frame reveals along the installation template.

5. Remove the capping sections (installation templates).