Effective silicone spray for cars, bicycles and household - new - 500ml

- Very good sliding and lubricating properties
- Prevents wear and eliminates unpleasant squeaking noises
- Very good maintenance performance and lasting protection
- Very good material compatibility
- Moisture-repellent, protects eg rubber parts from frost
- Extremely good temperature resistance from -50°C to +250°C
Silicone spray with sliding, separating and lubricating properties

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Schädlich für Wasserorganismen, mit langfristiger Wirkung.

The silicone spray offers very good sliding and lubricating properties. It prevents jamming, blockages, wear and tear and eliminates unpleasant squeaking noises. It has a very good care performance and offers lasting protection. It is very compatible with materials such as plastic, rubber, metal and wood. The moisture-repellent formula protects z. B. Rubber parts from frost and electrical contacts from moisture and corrosion.

area of application

  • As a lubricant and for lubricating all moving parts on machines, especially for material pairings such as plastic/plastic, plastic/metal or metal/metal such as garden tools, rubber on car doors and freezers, sunroofs, rails of all kinds, hinges, lock cylinders, garage doors. To protect electrical contacts from moisture and corrosion in plug connections in the electrical sector.
  • For sealing and impregnating textiles, tarpaulins, tents and imitation leather.
  • As a mold release agent in the plastics processing industry and as surface protection and care.


DIP-Tools Silicone Spray is safe to use on most surfaces. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carry out your own tests before use.

Spray evenly on all surfaces to be serviced from a distance of 30 cm. If necessary, wipe with a cloth. Note: Do not spray on the steering wheel and pedals.

Gentle on paint

Sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel are not attacked.