Air Vent & Keyboard Cleaning Gel - 160g - new

- disinfectant effect
- reliably absorbs dust and dirt
suitable for: keyboards, mobile phones, telephones, cameras, printers, etc.
scope of application
for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, gaps, joints, cracks and crevices that cannot be reached with conventional agents

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DIP-Tools Slimefix is a natural cleaning slime based on guar beans and water. Due to the optimal balance between elasticity and viscosity, it is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting the smallest cracks and corners.

Technical characteristics of the cleaning putty

  • Base: guar bean
  • Viscosity: Highly viscous , gel-like
  • Color: yellow, green
  • Odour: lemon, mint
  • Relative density: 0.98 g/ml

Instructions for the optimal use of the cleaning putty

  1. First clean and dry your hands. Simply open the can at room temperature, remove Slimefix and knead thoroughly. Place it on the surface to be cleaned and gently press about 4-5 times, and then slowly pull up.
  2. Repeat as needed. After cleaning, put Slimefix back in the can and close tightly.
  3. Store the cleansing gel in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Please do not wash Slimefix with water. If Slimefix becomes liquid in the can, please report it immediately and you will receive a new item immediately.