Versatile and stable UV glue - new - transparent - 8g

- UV glue with lamp

- transparent

- waterproof

Suitable for model making, rubber, glass, car glass, acrylic, plastics, wood, insulation, porcelain, seals, ceramics, metals, jewelry

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The DIP-Tools UV adhesive is a solvent-free, one-component adhesive that is characterized by a short curing time and easy application. Curing takes place by irradiation with UV or visible light. It is suitable for plastics, wood, metal, ceramics and glass, among other things.

Technical characteristics of the UV glue

  • Base: acrylic resin
  • Viscosity: medium viscosity
  • Color: colorless
  • Density: 1.04 g/cm³
  • Shore hardness A: 75
  • Temperature resistance: -40-120°C
  • Flash point: 65°C
  • Hand strength: > 10s

Instructions for using the glue

  1. At room temperature, simply open the tube and apply the adhesive evenly. The adhesive clings to the surface. It is recommended to have a cloth ready for wiping.
  2. Apply glue and join and press the parts to be connected. Then sufficiently irradiate with the UV lamp. The hand strength is reached after at least 10s, for larger surfaces the irradiation is to be increased by an appropriate time.
  3. Wipe the nozzle after use so that the lid does not stick and then close the tube tightly. After curing, you can sand or file the splice. Because the adhesive can be applied in several layers, it is well suited for processing in two steps: first fix the objects to be glued with a minimal amount and then apply enough material to create a sufficiently stable connection. It is well suited for punctiform connections, not for flat gluing. The contents are sufficient for around 400 applications with punctiform connections.