Cockpit spray for car interior care - silicone-free plastic care - 400ml

- Silicone-free cockpit spray
- antistatic effect
- high temperature resistant
- Maintenance of the cockpit and belts in the vehicle interior

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The DIP-Tools cockpit spray is a fully synthetic surface care product with a highly lubricating microfilm. The high-temperature-resistant, silicone-free care spray has an antistatic effect. It is used to support the assembly of plastic parts and stiff seat belts. It is also used to care for and protect plastic and wooden fittings. It eliminates squeaking, cracking and creaking noises in the vehicle interior and prevents door seals from freezing.
It is also UV protective on plastic and rubber. The gliding particles create smooth surfaces and also make seat belts run smoothly again. It has a satin finish with no greasy, sticky or shiny residue.

area of application

  • Maintenance of plastic parts in the cockpit
  • Seat belt maintenance
  • For noises, especially in the vehicle interior (squeaking, cracking and creaking noises)
  • Stiff window guides


DIP-Tools Industrial Cockpit Spray is safe to use on most surfaces. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carry out your own tests before use.
Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned from a distance of approx. 30 cm and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.


  • Reduces friction thanks to grease-free, satin-matt anti-slip protection
  • Effectively cleans and delays renewed absorption of dirt and dust
  • Prevents the graying and discoloration of plastics through UV protection
  • Regenerates stressed plastics
  • Compatible with all common plastic materials
  • Leaves no stains on textiles (pay attention to the spray distance!)