PTW strong adhesive painter's acrylic white paintable - 310ml - new

- paintable
- can be plastered over
- Solvent-, isocyanate- and silicone-free
- odorless
- compatible with paint
- resistant to aging
- good UV resistance
For sealing connections and joints with low expansion stress and without constant exposure to moisture: eg between concrete, masonry, plaster surfaces, sand-lime brick, brickwork, fiber cement, plasterboard, raw and anodised aluminum, wood or rigid PVC. Also suitable for bonding expanded polystyrene to absorbent substrates.

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PTW Acryl is an elastic, one-component joint sealant based on acrylic dispersion for sealing joints with a maximum movement absorption of 25% indoors and outdoors.

product properties
- weather resistant
- resistant to aging
- good UV resistance
- elastic sealant based on acrylic dispersion
- Can be painted over/paint compatible in compliance with DIN 52452, Part 4
- Silicone and halogen free
- early rainproof according to DIN 52461
- phthalate free
- solvent-free (water-based)

The substrate must be dry, load-bearing and free of dust and grease. Highly absorbent substrates, e.g. B. concrete, wood, should be pre-treated with PTW Primer 150, for example. Before applying the primer, remove any cement slurry, formwork oil, coatings / impregnations. During renovation work, the old sealants and
Paint residues are completely removed. Backfill joints with a suitable backing material (e.g. PE round cord, PE foil) to prevent three-sided adhesion.
PTW-Acryl 250 BF can be smoothed with water or a neutral, non-staining, aqueous smoothing agent. The functionality of PTW Acryl 250 BF in the joint can only be guaranteed if it is processed correctly, depending on the dimensioning of the joint. The application of the sealant in the event of strong temperature fluctuations (early stress on the sealant) should be avoided. PTW Acryl 250 BF can be processed with manual and compressed air guns. Remove adhesive tapes immediately after smoothing.