Extra strong duct tape - heat-resistant fabric tape that can be removed without leaving any residue - new

- Powerful hold
- Removable without residue
- Easy to use - can also be easily torn off by hand without scissors

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The DIP-Tools fabric adhesive tape is a universal adhesive tape with very good adhesion to a wide variety of materials. It features good tear strength and flexibility for use on uneven surfaces. The PE-coated fabric tape is easy to handle and can also be used in conjunction with moisture. A light masking in curves is possible with the close-meshed adhesive tape. Basically, it has a very high permanent holding power and good adaptability. Possible areas of application are the color coding of components, general repair purposes or the bundling of pipes, fabrics and much more.

Processing - best practice

The DIP-Tools fabric adhesive tape can be used for masking, marking, bundling, reinforcing and repairing, gluing and splicing carpets, as well as for sealing joints and air conditioning ducts. The temperature resistance is 70°C for more than one hour.

Good results can be achieved when applied at different temperatures/dwell times on different surfaces. Tests should be performed to determine performance in their individual process.

To use

  • Easy masking in curves
  • easy handling, connected
  • use with moisture
  • high strength
  • good contrast on the different surfaces
  • sticks immediately
  • no detachment from the surface
  • universally applicable

Technical specifications


Rubber Resin Adhesive

carrier material

PE-coated carrier

thickness (mm)



black, grey

Adhesion to steel


tear strength




temperature resistance


roll length/width