Nanofix - Reusable double-sided adhesive tape - new

Double-sided adhesive tape, which is washable and can therefore be reused several times.
The recyclable adhesive tape is suitable for attaching a wide variety of objects to walls, floors, doors or windows.
Suitable for pictures, photos, decorations, carpets, etc.

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The DIP-Tools nano adhesive tape consists of high-quality nano PU gel. That's why our double-sided adhesive tape sticks extra strong so that everything stays where it should be. Thanks to the special nano-pu gel, the double-sided adhesive tape can be reused endlessly. This ensures that the silicone strap can be used for a very long time. It can be removed from all surfaces without leaving any residue. The transparent adhesive tape can be easily cut to the desired length, so pictures can be hung up without nails, for example. It adheres to almost all surfaces and is 100% UV-resistant. Therefore, it also works perfectly at temperatures between -16°C-62°C. It is therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

Technical characteristics of the Nanofix Tape

  • Base: PU gel + acrylate
  • Consistency: viscoelastic
  • Dimension: 100cm x 2cm x 0.2cm
  • Colours: transparent
  • Suitable surfaces: wood, metal, plastic, PVC, glass, ceramics, PVC, etc.
  • Temperature resistance: -16 to +62°C
  • Processing temperature: -6°C - +48°C
  • Max load: 1 kg
  • Resistance: UV-resistant, chemical-resistant

Best Use Guide

  1. At the application temperature (-16°C - +62°C) cut the tape to the desired dimensions.
  2. The surface to which the tape is to be glued must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. On dry surfaces, we recommend cleaning with alcohol or white spirit, no thinners or other greasy cleaning agents.
  3. After cutting, the transparent cover layer (liner) must be removed from the adhesive tape. Meanwhile, avoid touching the sticking surface with fingers or anything else as much as possible, it may cause sticking strength reduction. Apply the tape DIRECTLY to the cleaned surface and press firmly.
  4. Please note that the adhesive tape has a high adhesive strength, so it should not be repositioned once it has been applied.
  5. Press well after application. Press/rub firmly again a few minutes after applying the tape.
  6. If the tape has a loss of viscosity or the surface is dusty, wash it with water and dry it. Then you can reuse it.