Power-saving professional cartridge press - black - new

- Rotatable bowl
- Rubber grip and trigger
- Increased pressure resistance of the feed mechanism
- Strong thrust block
- for high-viscosity adhesives and sealants
- Gear ratio 22:1

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With our cartridge press you have a high-quality and energy-saving professional device at hand, which always applies the right amount of power for short and long fingers thanks to modern 22:1 transmission technology and a specially dimensioned press lever. Thanks to the steel body, aluminum bracket and all-weather coating, the robust silicone syringe can withstand even high forces during use and difficult weather conditions. In addition, the stretchable cartridge holder and sturdy push rod provide enough stability to avoid bending the push rod or pushing out the cartridge. This makes it the perfect tool for all indoor and outdoor construction sites, from hobbyists to professional users. Finally, the improved and very tight-fitting drip stop ensures optimal control of the material flow without overrun, so that extremely precise processing is guaranteed. Give your joints the final touch with our joint smoother set, which is included free of charge.

scope of delivery

  • caulking gun
  • Joint smoother set